Cast and Crew of Action Faith Feature to Make a Big Showing at STXIFF '16

The Cast and crew of Crave: The Fast Life will be visiting Edinburg for a screening of their feature film followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. The folks behind this powerful production have a wealth of experience in the film industry and South Texas filmmakers will be able to share in that experience on September 10th at the second annual South Texas International Film Festival. Action Faith Media helped produce this cautionary but ultimately uplifting tale about the perils of traveling the path of anger, greed, and self-destruction in the world of the nightclub industry.

He wanted it all… but at what cost? CRAVE: THE FAST LIFE is a faith-crossover film set in the L.A. Nightlife scene: MAX'S troubled past, sparked by the abandonment by his crooked father TONY creates a deep-rooted hunger for success, which takes him down the dark and ruthless path in the glitzy world of the Nightclub Industry.

Here are a few of the panelists representing this production: 

*** PLEASE NOTE: This is a "true-to-life" story set in a world that is universal and appealing to both faith and mainstream audiences alike in order to tell an impactful story of loss and salvation. It blends faith-based elements with a mainstream approach to storytelling. There is no profanity and no nudity. It does show some drug use and alcohol consumption in order to show the demise that follows. The film would be considered a PG-13 film by the MPAA.