Short Film Starring Disney's MACFARLANE, USA Star to be Screened at STXIFF'16



Andrew Jeric

Told through the eyes of those affected, a violent gang-initiation sets into motion a series of tragic and heartbreaking events over the course of one single fateful night. The film will be screened at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance on Friday Sept. 9th at 6:30 pm in Meeting Room 2. 


Set in urban Los Angeles, “Vicious” is a psychological drama that follows two rival gang members over the course of a single night: 13 year old Oscar, a Latino boy struggling with the emotional aftermath of his first drive-by shooting and 17 year old Rashad, an African-American gang-member bent on revenge after witnessing his younger brother shot in front of his eyes. As we experience their diverse, yet deeply personal journeys witness a world not of black and white, red or blue but deep shades of gray.

Written and directed by award winning filmmaker Andrew Jeric, VICIOUS is a socially conscious, yet innovative and brutally honest film that takes an unflinching look through the eyes of those most affected by street violence. Starring Disney's MACFARLANE, USA star Rafael Martinez, VICIOUS was made with the donated help of a crew of passionate and award-winning industry professionals such as producer Maritte Go (Sleight, Loveland), cinematographer Matthew Edwards (The Labyrinth), composer Michael Kramer (Lego Ninjago), and sound designer Sung Rok Choi (Snowpiercer). VICIOUS has been honored with an ASC Heritage Award, a Lerner Endowment Fund Award, the Panavision Future Filmmaker Award, the Skywalker Sound Grant, and was a finalist for the 2014 Princess Grace Award during Post-Production.

Andrew Jeric



Andrew Jeric is an award-winning Director and Cinematographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Raised in Richmond, Virginia Andrew began crafting his visual skills early in life as a portrait photographer. His passion for photographic storytelling and love of cinema led him to USC's renowned School of Cinematic Arts. Here he received his MFA in Directing and Cinematography along with winning multiple awards, including the prestigious John Huston Award for Excellence in Directing and the Thomas B. Bush award for Excellence in Cinematography. 


During his time at USC, Andrew wrote and directed the award-winning short film “VICIOUS.” This passion project took an unflinching look at the tragic cycle of gang violence from a unique multi-angle perspective that used a combination of real locations, first time actors, bold color and powerful imagery to tell a story that is all too real. “VICIOUS” is currently in the Festival Circuit. 

Since receiving his MFA, Andrew has shot and directed countless projects both locally and internationally, ranging from award winning narratives to feature documentaries, music videos, commercials and 3D shorts. Regardless of genre or medium, Andrew brings his exceptional visual sensibility along with an understanding of story and character that elevates every project he is on. He has worked with such clients as Doritos, Subway, LA Dodgers, Mee Electronics, Sandisk, Mattel, Crystal Cruises and Sony along with collaborating alongside acclaimed up-and-coming directors Ryan Coogler, Victor Riduara, and Orson Whales. 

Andrew is currently overseeing post-production on the international feature film “PAPA” with his longtime collaborating partner writer-director Xiao Zheng. Release date is early 2016.