Story of a Girl: STXFF '15 Winner Best Short Film

Born with HIV, it is young Sophia’s last day with her father before she moves to the city with her aunt for better treatment. When her father’s last-ditch efforts to find farm work lead them stranded at an abandoned horse farm, they choose to make the most of their last moments together. This film is a true story. 

The Story of a Girl Project collects stories from around the world of people living with HIV or working in the field of HIV. Visit for more details.

You can also read this amazing NPR article about Jonathan Smith and his team's efforts.


Jonathan Smith (Director of Story of a girl) is an epidemiologists and lecturer in Global Health and Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases at Yale University. He is currently spearheading the Visual Epidemiology Project, an effort to combine data-driven academic research with storytelling.